what I am good in and what I enjoy doing…

Note: I am currently fully booked and rarely accept new orders.
Please feel free to contact my colleagues for specific orders.

Design and development of luminaires and testing their electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility as preparations to accredited tests.

Development of components for smart lighting control.

Planning of artificial lighting for workplaces as well as residential venues.

Programming skills: PHP, Pascal, C, Python, Matlab, assemblers, databases, PostScript.

Hardware platforms: ADSP, Intel ’51 a ’86, AVR, PIC, STM32.

Years ago: ERP development, administration of workstations, networks, servers on Windows and Linux, full stack, development and repairs of measurement systems, translations and interpreting English, transcription, and subtitling of documentary videos, development a of a robotic TTS voiceover software, typesetting in LaTeX and Indesign.