what I work at and contribute to…

DentaSun LED (also marketed as MedicoSun LED a Evidens LED) – powerfull LED luminaires with input power up to 580 W for stomatology or bright light therapy. Limited EMI (2019).

Thesis – Monitoring of parameters of bright light therapy and its effect on psychopathology of higher-age patients using actigraphic methods (since 2018) »

Lighting in a biophile interior – particiapation on a series of articles on coordinating lighting for humans with lighting for plants in various interiors (since 2018).

Chronobiological phototherapy – light treatment system development. (2016)

Biodynamic lighting – artificial light may mimic sunlight also in the dynamics of intensity and colour tone. Proposal of a model and luminaire control system (2015)

ADS – a portable, powerfull and programable luminaire to be parked above the patient’s bed. The control unit sets the luminous flux (ten T5 lamps in three channels and RGBW LED) using RTC and a schedule strored on an SD card (2014).

Chronobiological lighting – a lighting plan and development of required stationary luminaires to accomplish the task in phototherapeutical room. (2013)

Non-visual (non-image forming) effects of light – a suggestion of circadian index Ac to compare artificial light and daylight by content of the activating blue component (2010).

DentaSun (also marketed as MedicoSun and Evidens) – slim dimmable luminaires with up to six T5 fluorescent lamps. EMI reduction has been achived by a combination of several de-noising techniques (2009).

HLS – a Holistic Lighting System proposal. HLS is a voluntary extension to standards on luminaires and lighting, with focus being on limiting EMI (2009).